How do you play Super Hexagon in an Arduino?

This Saturday 28th we’re having the world premiere of Super Ventilagon, my second electromechanical game.

Here’s a quick video that shows it in action:

Super Ventilagon is heavily inspired by the amazing Super Hexagon. A bit more than heavily, it’s a blatant rip-off.

More than two years ago I was spending countless hours banging my head against the screen, trying to last a whole minute without losing, until I finally realized that it would be a great thing to build a POV display to play it.

At the time I was finishing Reflektor (my first electromechanical game), so I only did a quick prototype and shelved it. Being the busy father I am, I only get to spend three hours a week in my local hackerspace (and not even every week!), so it took some time to get back on track.

But a few months ago it started to get into shape, and it started being playable, and it started to be actually fun, so with the rest of the guys at Club de Jaqueo we decided to draw a finish line, and started working towards it.

There are so many things that can go wrong with hardware-based games. Like the fan’s motor getting overburned and stopping to run. Or circuit boards getting loosen from the fan’s propeller, jumping thru the air, breaking into pieces and spreading integrated circuits thru the room. Luckily only two of those tiny inconveniences happened to us.

So it’s with a lot of anticipation that I would like to invite you all to play Super Ventilagon, this Saturday 28th of November, 22pm. We are showing it in Casa Abasto, Anchorena 632, Buenos Aires. Hope you can make it!

If not, don’t worry: we’ll be showing it again on some events during the year, and also we’ve published the source code and schematics as open source so you can make your own.